[Uncensored asian] Yuna Himekawa - Special Class After School

Cast: Yuna Himekawa
Genres: Uncensored, All Sex, BlowJob, School Girl, Cum In Mouth, Cream Pie

When, after regular daily classes at school, high school student Yuna Himekawa, looking around as if a thief, stealing and being afraid of being seen by acquaintances, moved towards the fashionable hotel, then in the thoughts of the main character, like a worn out record, a thousand times repeated a kind of oath,
which the girl herself for her calming herself came up with. She was scared to get caught red-handed, or if someone of her friends knew about where she was going and why. But for some reason, it was from these feelings of fear and exciting excitement that her panties became increasingly sticky and wet .....
"Dear teacher: When I go here to you,
in a luxurious hotel room, then I promise - that no one will ever know about where I'm going and why. The school's management does not recognize this, and you will not lose high-paying work. My classmates do not recognize this, and no one will dissolve gossip. My parents do not recognize this, and no one will curse you. Your wife does not recognize this,
and my teacher's family will not be broken. But most of all, I want you to know that in a few years, when our paths with you will disperse, and you, having found another passion - continue your vicious journey, and I marry my peer - he certainly will never get even with you for that,
that was in my intimate life is not the first man .... "

P.S. From the author of the release: As I said earlier, this actress, who played the main role in this film, personally for me - the opening of 2017 in Japanese porn. And let it sound somewhere stupid and naive, but I'm even somewhere very sorry that this girl is in such films.
I felt such a feeling only with regard to two of her compatriots: Ai Uehara and Tuna (Tsuna) Kimura.

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