[Gays] Missionaryboys - Elder Titov & Patriarch Smith - Evaluation Part 1

Studio: Missionaryboys
Genres: Gays

Patriarch Smith loves his calling. A steady stream of naked missionary boys pass through his office, all worthy young men seeking his approval and guidance.

It doesn’t matter how many boys he punishes or endorses -— each time a sexy young man like Elder Titov walks through the door, he gets a boner. He is always eager to get his hands on their hard bodies, to finger their tight but pliable little holes and then take their virginity as he ordains them into the secret order of the priesthood.

Elder Titov was brought before a special counsel of the brethren last month after he and his companion had been abducted, stripped naked and abused. Both Elders involved had extensive records of sexual misconduct in their missionary files. Shaming these boys into silence would be easy, and necessary to prevent broader scrutiny of the organization and it’s practices.

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